Things I am…

  • A woman born out of my time.
  • Pushing 40, living in the ‘burbs of Manhattan with my young son and our three cats.
  • Hard to define. It’s my definition.
  • Often overwhelmed, but doing my best.
  • …as potty-mouthed as a drunken sailor.
  • Marketing specialist (integrated marketing communications) in addition to full-time single mom. I try very hard to do both well.
  • A music-maker with my voice.
  • Nautical by nature.
  • Perhaps too trusting.
  • Always learning, and proud to be.
  • Full of snark.
  • A poet by avocation, although I haven’t felt the muse in many years.
  • A deep lover and defender of our fellow animals.
  • Fiercely protective of those I love.
  • Spiritual, though I don’t shove my religion down anyone’s throat, so why shove atheism down mine?

Things I am not…

  • As patient as I want to be.
  • Always as graceful as I want to be. In all connotations.
  • A particularly good liar.
  • Happy when landlocked.
  • A game player (in the sense of someone who messes with you for whatever nefarious motives). Nor do I tolerate game players very well anymore.
  • Especially good at updating this blog regularly… 😛

More about The Salty Mama…

She has salt in her blood and the rhythm of the sea in her heart.

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

Talk to Me

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