A Few of My Favorite Tweeple, v2

Quite some time ago I put together a list of Twitter accounts that I thought were worth following. There are many other accounts I love, so I thought I’d cobble together another list for anyone who’s on the big T!

@joshlaw81 – Josh Lawson, an Australian actor. He’s a nice guy and happens to be one of the funniest, most quick-witted people on the planet. Check it out for yourself. Also, back in 2006 or 2007 he hit on me on MySpace (remember that place?), which pretty much made my year. (He’s so good looking, it’d make anybody’s year.)

@mrtonymartin – Tony Martin, a New Zealand comedian/actor/director/author and also one of the funniest people you’ll ever encounter online or anywhere else. His tweets are frequently hilarious, though since he lives in Australia, they may be somewhat tailored to the Aussie audience.

@tldrwikipedia – TL;DR Wikipedia, possibly my favorite novelty account on all of Twitter. Seriously:

@WorstMuse – Fairly new to the novelty account scene, but screamingly funny to anyone who’s ever written fiction.

@happybirthtime – One of the most bizarre – and hilarious – accounts on Twitter. Pairs celebrity birthday celebrations with wildly funny inaccuracies.

@OnePerfectShot – Posts single, perfect screenshots from movies. Often stunning!

@DailyStaley – Ben Staley, who is a producer on Deadliest Catch but also a storyteller in photograph and word. I believe him to be this generation’s answer to Frank Sutcliffe. Ben’s photographs are just that good.

@b0ringtweets – Absolutely lives up to his handle, however he and Ricky Gervais get into some pretty brilliant conversations. Follow them both and watch the magic unfold.

@robfee – Rob Fee, a writer for Ellen DeGeneres and many others. His tweets never disappoint.

@NicestHippo – one of many Twitter comedians worth following.

@MYSADCAT – Why My Cat Is Sad. Funny tweets, adorable cat.

@yoyoha – another Twitter comedian worth following.

@TheNardvark – ditto.

@HonestToddler – MUST FOLLOW for parents. Truly some of the most amusing (and most true) stuff out there. If toddlers could tweet…

@AccidentalP – Accidental Partridge, a treasure trove of people accidentally sounding like Alan Partridge on Twitter. If you love Alan, you’ll love this.

@27bslash6 – David Thorne – oh my God he makes me laugh. Doesn’t tweet much but when he does it’s worth it. Follow the link to his website for insane amounts of hilarity.

And that’s it for this round. Though if you’re curious about the people I follow in general, you can always see all of them here!