Because Why Not? (Me in Fives)

Saw this meme going around my Facebook feed and thought, it’s been a while since I did one of these, so why not?

5 places you want to visit (that I’ve never been to before)

1.) Australia

2.) New Zealand

3.) Ireland

4.) Scotland

5.) Italy

5 concerts you want to see (that you never have been to)

1.) The Presets

2.) She Wants Revenge

3.) Blur

4.) Ben Folds

5.) Loreena McKennitt

5 foods you will NEVER eat (in fairness I try everything once – even jellyfish – but I draw the line at these)

1.) Liver

2.) Scorpions

3.) Eyeballs of any kind

4.) Frog/Toad

5.) Rat

5 celebrities you find attractive (seriously JUST FIVE? ugh)


Edgar Hansen
Edgar Hansen


Damon Albarn
Damon Albarn


David Wenham
David Wenham


Justin Hamilton
Julian Hamilton


Stephen Dillane
Stephen Dillane

5 all-time favorites (guess this question is just a free for all?)

1.) Grey, cloudy, breezy/windy days

2.) The Burgundy region of France

3.) Yorkshire pudding

4.) Commercial fishing (really anything to do with the ocean)

5.) Animals