A Few of My Favorite Tweeple

I’m not very active on Twitter, but I do enjoy the network – and in particular, some of the unusual, off-beat, funny, inspiring & otherwise-worth-following folks I’ve encountered there.

I have a running list of my absolute favorites (J’Adore), but here are some cherry picked recommendations:

@SevenSentences – everything in 7 words

@crabwizard – Captain Keith is very involved in social media

@pattonoswalt – So very real. He’s just delightful

@rickygervais – Always entertaining

@wilw – Truly a nice guy

@SteveMartinToGo – Odd, and oddly funny

@stephenfry Forever worth following

@Stevevalentine – Unabashed truth about show biz

@27bslash6 – Posts too infrequently, must have more!

@DeckbossEH – Edgar is a genuinely good guy

@neiltyson – Get your science fix

@AccidentalP – Accidental Partridge

@HonestToddler – Parents will love this