Getting to Know You

“Getting to Know You” – let’s kick things off with a meme!

What are your top 3 favorite foods?

  1. Japanese
  2. Indian
  3. Italian

What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

The last book I read was “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel, as I’m growing increasingly skeptical of modern dentistry – having been recommended two root canals when there was no pain and no indication of serious problem. Jury’s out – I’d recommend some of the wisdom in it, but not all.

What are your top 3 favorite places?

  • Burgundy, France
  • Cardiff, Wales
  • Chesapeake Bay -or- North Atlantic coast

What was the last lie you told?

I honestly don’t remember! (Perhaps THAT was the last lie I told? 😉

What are your favorite 3 sports (to watch or participate in)?

  • Soccer
  • Soccer
  • Soccer

What was the last movie you watched and would you recommend it?

The Hobbit – and yes!!

List 3 things you can see outside of the nearest window.

  • The lake
  • Trees
  • Docks

Where was the last place you went?

The cemetery on Mother’s Day, to place flowers on the graves of the deceased mums in my family.

What are your top 3 favorite “good causes” or charities?

  • Animal welfare
  • Ocean conservation
  • Space exploration

What was the last thing you did for someone else?

Gave my mom a Mother’s Day gift, or perhaps you’d count the bazillion things I happily do for my son daily?

Name 3 places you have never been that you want to visit.

  • Maine or Nova Scotia
  • Alaska
  • Key West

What was the last thing you threw in the garbage/recycling?

A ziplock bag that had contained a banana – I never eat a whole banana in a day, they are so full of sugar! The most I eat is a half at a time, so I store them in the fridge.

Name 3 things on your bedside table.

  • Water bottles
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Hand lotion

Describe or name the last piece of art you looked at.

I looked at some prints on Etsy that were adorable and extremely cheap (on sale) – bought a few.

What are the top 3 things that your job requires you to think about?

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing tactics
  • Metrics

What was the last musical or theatrical event that you attended?

I saw “Yes Virginia” the Christmas before my son was born. While not strictly theatre, I went to a Q&A with Sig and Edgar Hansen (in a theatre) earlier this month.

What are the first 3 things you would do if you won the lottery?

  • Buy a house
  • Buy a boat
  • Save!

Describe or name the last serious injury or illness you had?

C-section is technically an injury.

What are the top 3 things that you wish you could do?

  • Read minds
  • Teleport
  • Produce claws like Wolverine or X-23 – or psychic claws like Wild Thing

What was the last thing that someone said to you that you will remember forever?

Something a Bering Sea fisherman said to me.

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  1. Borrow away!! I’m sure I borrowed it too, haha. I have a file somewhere of memes I find on blogs and save for later use when I have time!

  2. I love this meme and your answers. I’m going to borrow this for my blog if you don’t mind? 🙂

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